About Us

Errrbody Rich, LLC is a brand started by two cousins from Greensboro, NC to unite and elevate the Carolinas, through Carolina-centered apparel that Carolinians can be proud of.  The concept is that we are all rich in some aspect.  If you are not rich in finances, you may be rich in love, family, friends, opportunities, pride, support, or rich in faith.  We all hope to be rich in health and time, more so than money, right?  We encourage you to find whatever your "rich" is, acknowledge it, and embrace it.  Errrbody Rich is a celebration and the promotion of your riches, with the intent to uplift our community. 

Anthony Ingram II (pictured left), a graduate of the Bryan School of Business at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, has been a professional stylist in the Charlotte, NC area since 2013.  He is the visionary and designer of each piece of apparel at Errrbody Rich, LLC.  He started his first business when he was 13 years old decorating ink pens for his classmates at Kiser Middle School in Greensboro, NC.  

Quentin Raley (pictured right), the younger of the two cousins, is in charge of Digital Marketing, Brand Management, and social media engagement for the company.  He is a true extraordinary entrepreneur whose business acumen stretches across a myriad of avenues from investment real estate, distribution and hauling services, nightlife promotions, retail, and hair salons.  A former student a Saint Augustine's University, Quentin is also the owner of Raley's Transportation, LLC and Black Barbie Hair Salon.